Who is Savvy Coordination?

Savvy Coordination is a team of knowledgeable and highly experienced event professionals based in Hawaii. We specialize in all “things” events as we work on conferences, conventions, company meetings, fundraisers, galas, company retreats and much more!

Why select Savvy?

We truly appreciate our client’s different events. It is a pleasure to work with our clients in setting their event apart from the others. We do so by asking ourselves what is unique about your company, service, conference or event? How do we put a unique flair on it to make it jaw dropping? How do we make it more efficient? How do we maximize your budget?

What can one expect when working with Savvy?

You can expect to build a trusting relationship with your event manager. You can expect clear and organized details presented in a timely, efficient manner. Savvy Coordination believes in a smooth planning process from start to finish with a well-informed team onsite for each and every event.


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